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Big hair is on the rise! Neither cost-effective, nor easily balanced, these hyperbolic hairdos are exploding across editorial the world around! An homage to the sixties and seventies – a time when nobody showered and hairspray was passed around like sticks of gum! ‘Got some spray?’  ‘Gurl, whatchoo think?’ – the big and beastly is back. Its beauty lies in how it frames the head, that silent explosion that turns an ordinary human model (homo-e-fabulous) into a pilar of statuesque beauty. Big hair is an amazing conversation starter, cary-all, and easy sun umbrella. Most of all though, it is high fashion realized. Your mantra is: get high or go home! Because fashion is the new religion, and the bigger the hair…. the closer to gawd (Karl Lagerfeld. Wasn’t he mentioned in the Bible at some point?). :) love, love, love: FrozenFashions :)

Never take a 9am class. Never. Model Kirsty Hume rock delicious curls for Patrick Demarchelier in Harper’s Bazaar US, October, 1994.

Nice buns! Sandrah Hellberg is shot by Mikael Schulz for Tush Magazine, Summer 2012.

Two halfros make a whole! Ataui Deng is shot by Elle Muliarchyk for Garage, Spring 2012.

Forget doubled, get squared! Twiggy is shot by Richard Avedon for Vogue US in the August, 1965 issue.

The bad news is that big hair gets hungry and may eat your love interests. Shot by Daniel Jackson for I-D, Summer 2012.

The wall put on a wig, some pumps, and waited for someone to talk to it. Anabela Belikova is shot by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, May, 2008.

Going up stairs in heels is never fun. Gisele Bunchen is shot by Nino Munoz for Numero Tokyo issue #46, May, 2011.

Always stand out in group pictures. BAM! Joan Smalls poofs out in Vogue US, December, 2010, shot by Steven Meisel.

Raquel Zimmermann by Henrique Gendre for Vogue Brazil, June, 2011.

Is it straight yet? #HumidityProblems. Orlando Pita, hairstylist, for Vogue US, January, 2005.